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Agrotourism Croatia
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Agrotourism is a form of tourism that is rapidly developing in Croatia, especially in Dalmatian and Istrian hinterland. If you want to get away from everyday city life and routine and experience something new and little different spend the vacation, agrotourism is ideal for you. Do you live in the big city and want to move away and change lifestyle pace or prefer nature and alternative experiences to those of traditional hotel and apartment accommodation? Agrotourism brings life in nature and coexistence with nature and is sought by tourists and guests around the world in traditional rural environments. Agrotourism can be related to various activities that may include traditional farming activities such as picking olives, figs, fruits and vegetables, animal feeding etc. During your stay, all this will make your experience unique, especially for families with small children!

Croatia is a land of deep roots in agriculture, viticulture, and olive growing, creating perfect conditions for agrotourists and offering unlimited possibilities. Staying in private family houses and farms gives you a better insight into the lifestyle, customs, and culture of local residents. The relatively small area of Croatia offers as many as 3 climate zones (continental, mountainous and Mediterranean) and numerous unique regions such as Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia, Zagorje, Slavonia, Lika, Gorski kotar ... Each region offers a unique way of life, customs, tradition, and cuisine, and the best way to explore everything is to book accommodation at one of the family farms. Find out more about sustainable agriculture, spend vacations surrounded by nature and, of course, taste delicious and unrivaled local cuisine and local specialties.

Most of the cities in Croatia in the town center have a market where you can find local produce, but would you like to find out how all these food is produced? Imagine staying in a traditional 16th-century farmhouse in the beautiful setting of greenery with scented Mediterranean vegetation, equipped with all modern luxury features such as an outdoor swimming pool. Get to know the owners - families that have kept their way of life for centuries. They will gladly let you into their world and share their lifestyle with you. Enjoy a small cooking school, wine-growing or olive-growing school and learn the techniques of authentic organic farming and gardening. Surrounded by nature, you can enjoy many other activities such as hiking, horseback riding, cycling, wine tasting, swimming, adrenaline sports etc. The day is never boring! Go back from a fun and active day and try delicious dinner prepared by your hosts, which is the fruit of their daily work and rich and fertile land.

Agrotourism in Croatia offers a unique kind of experience. In our offer you can find hospitable hosts that you can contact directly and book your next vacation at one of these family farms. Search the agritourism accommodation in Croatia from the list below or through a quick search and book your ideal and affordable accommodation before it is too late. Your ideal accommodation is just two mouse clicks from you, your family and friends!

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Agrotourism Pod Dudom - Aljmaš Osijek - Croatia

Agrotourism Pod Dudom - Aljmaš

From sea > 10000 m
Capacity 5 person from 700 €

Agrotourism Rural tourism Ivulici Lovran - Croatia

Agrotourism Rural tourism Ivulici

From sea 3000 m
Capacity 6 person from 140 €

Agrotourism Pod Dudom - Aljmaš Osijek
Categorisation of accommodation

From sea > 10000 m
Capacity 5 person

from 700 €

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Agrotourism Pod Dudom - Aljmaš - Osijek

Local collection of traditional houses, its structure and exposed subjects witness to the culture of living in the countryside past decade Aljmas end. Facility houses decorated in traditional values, adapted to the modern way of life. The house consists of two bedrooms (5 +1), living room, bathroom, toilet, a communal gatherings, barbecues. It is equipped with modern appliances.

Agrotourism Rural tourism Ivulici Lovran
Categorisation of accommodation

From sea 3000 m
Capacity 6 person

from 140 €

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Agrotourism Rural tourism Ivulici - Lovran

The hamlet Ivulici is situated at the foot of the beautiful mountain Ucka. At a height of 330 meters, it overlooks the ancient coastal town of Lovran. Here, on the outskirts of the Ucka Nature Park, one can, at the same time, experience and enjoy both the touch of the sea and of the forest. At your disposal there is more than 300 years old, traditionally decorated, house, together with beautiful garden and orchard with chestnut and cherry trees. The house is equipped as to provide all the comfort, and at the same time take you back in time with its rusticity. Terrace in front of the house offers the unforgettable view of the Bay of Kvarner. All of the mentioned will help you experience the Mediterranean of old days. The hosts, always at your service, will gladly help you to revive all of its charm. The Krsanac Family